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Our clients are ALL one-of-a-kind. They all come from different walks of life, have unique and interesting stories to tell and most of all, have different life goals and financial priorities. Some have extensive knowledge of investments and planning, while others are just starting out on their financial journey.

Each client situation and financial plan is individual. Regardless where you are in your life’s journey, we are here to listen and assist you to arrive safely at your destination, wherever that may be.

Where are you in life right now?


Since 2004, we have focused on the unique needs of women in need of financial planning.

More and more women are taking on the primary role of protecting and managing the family’s assets. Whether they are managing a large household or living on their own, many of our female clients have experienced tremendous career successes and personal changes that require specific financial guidance. Through our team approach, we assist and coach them through the management their financial affairs which may be quite different from the way they may have approached their finances in the past.

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One universal truth in financial planning is that those with the greatest need for financial guidance (in spite of their own knowledge and education) do not receive it. Almost in no demographic is this more evident than in the teaching profession.

Since 2002, we have focused on assisting clients in academia who come to us with questions regarding allocations, diversification, and cash flow planning, primarily having to do with their school sponsored programs, such as 403(b) retirement plans, along with their other benefits.

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