Our Costs

Eaton Financial Group works on either a flat fee or fee-based arrangement (based on the assets under management). This is discussed and agreed upon at the time of engagement.

We focus on excellence in service and strive to recommend the most appropriate solutions. This results in a high level of trust between our clients and us. We will always discuss the associated costs of any products and disclose our compensation when asked.

Since our compensation is not geared towards the number of transactions we perform, but rather on how well your financial plan serves your needs, our motivation is quite simple: To grow your wealth and income, subject to your risk tolerance and time horizon, and to provide your family an income stream they cannot outlive.

Eaton Financial Group is on “your side of the table,” and focuses on a process driven and values-based planning approach.

Our process is based on conservative financial practices and uses proven systems, yet our approach is:

  • Individualized
  • Interactive
  • Systematic
  • Ongoing
  • Evolving

The Fiduciary Standard

Specifically trained in a complete investment process consistent with fiduciary standards, we hold the designation, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. The fiduciary process is based on placing the clients best interests at the forefront and following a “prudent process,” which is based on the twin fiduciary precepts of loyalty and care.

The process is based on law, regulation, and best practices which increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for investors.


Typically, our fees come in either one of two forms and are negotiated and agreed upon up-front:

1. Fee-Based based on the assets we manage for you, which tiers lower with higher asset amounts.
2. Flat Fee for the initial written financial plan and then on an hourly basis afterward. This amount of work is determined based on the level of planning needed.

These fees are negotiated at the start of our relationship and then re-visited either every 2 years or if there is a significant change in the portfolio.

We strive for complete transparency when it comes to costs of asset management, are not required to choose any one investment strategy, and WILL FREELY DISCLOSE ANY AND ALL COMPENSATION.


As with asset management, we are not obligated to do business with any one company versus another. Therefore, we choose the carrier most suitable for your particular insurance needs, health, age, sex, and financial goals.

We are paid a commission directly from the company with which we place you. There are embedded costs in the contract which cover this cost to the insurance company. Therefore, while you do not actually get a bill, realize that you are in fact indirectly paying us for our services. Typically, commissions are based on a percentage of the annual premium you pay and are much higher in the first year.

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