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Complete Wealth Management Principles

We know that a comprehensive wealth management strategy includes more than just retirement income planning, which is why we incorporate the 13 Wealth Management Principles that our firm has identified as essential to completing a robust wealth strategy.

As we work through this list with our clients, we partner with their legal team and CPA’s, or get them in touch with our team, to make sure that nothing is missing.

The 13 Principles of Complete Wealth Management

  1. Create an Investment Strategy
  2. Review and provide Insurance
  3. Manage liabilities
  4. Set up a qualified retirement plan and/or IRA Distribution
  5. Select your corporate executive stock option
  6. Have a business succession plan
  7. Establish a durable power of attorney
  8. Determine gifting to children, descendants, or others during life
  9. Select Charitable Gifting during life
  10. Ensure proper titling of assets
  11. Name an executor/successor trustee
  12. Create a distribution plan at death
  13. Select your charitable inclinations at death  

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