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About Eaton Financial Group

Live well - Work Hard - Give Generously

Fiduciary Planning, LLC/dba Eaton Financial Group is an SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Registered Investment Adviser.

Eaton Financial Group was founded in 1996, and Fiduciary Planning, LLC registered with the SEC in June 2019. The firm is a concierge financial advisory practice that counsels on complex financial issues.

Singularly focused on the Fiduciary Standard, we act in our clients' best interests and use prudent processes in managing financial plans and investment portfolios.

In addition to work with families, the firm specializes in assisting women who handle the household financial planning, and college professors.

The wealth management approach is cohesive and structured, bringing together all essential financial matters in a highly coordinated fashion, where every detail is thoughtfully and thoroughly addressed.

Particular attention is paid to providing a high level of proactive care and attention to the needs of each and every client.

Our Mission

We seek to bring simplicity and clarity to our clients' lives - by growing their wealth and creating an income they cannot outlive - so that they may live life with financial peace of mind.

Our Culture

We cultivate solid long-term relationships, formulate personalized financial plans, and strive to create a safe environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their fears, aspirations and financial priorities.

We address our client’s concerns with personal attention, integrity and a high degree of professional knowledge. We give them the tools to become more financially educated and provide information to help them make well-informed decisions, no matter what life has in store for them and their families.

We want the client experience to be of equal, if not of greater value, than the investments they own.

We work primarily on a fee basis but are proudly committed to pro-bono work for those women (and others) in need of financial advice, but without the means to pay an adviser.

Our Unique Approach to Planning

1. The Written Plan

The goal of the plan is simple: To help ensure that YOUR MONEY OUTLIVES YOU, not the other way around.

We first create a step-by-step plan for your financial security so that when life happens, you are financially prepared. Then, we consistently monitor your portfolio to help ensure it successfully serves your plan, not the other way around. In other words, a solid plan will help keep matters in perspective when the world around us changes.

2. The Relationship

We want our clients to feel like we are a part of their families, and to feel comfortable sharing both their successes as well as hardships.

3. The Client Review Process

We are committed to providing unparalleled communications through ongoing reviews, comprehensive written financial assessments, and most importantly, a personal relationship. In many cases, we communicate with clients over 25-30 times per year (via personal meetings, phone, mail, and email).

4. The Long Term Perspective

Our ultimate vision for clients: To develop and maintain an inter-generational plan which puts them into a position to:

  • Not run out of money during their lifetime
  • Have proper long term care planning
  • Ensure heirs do not have to sell assets to pay estate tax
  • Fund children and grandchildren’s education

5. Every Client Is Our “Best Client”

Whether you are worth millions of dollars or have just started saving, we will treat you as a valued member of our practice, with the same level of access available for any client.

Larger brokerage houses typically have their more experienced advisors meet with prospective clients to engage them. However, that may not be who is managing the assets and servicing your needs on a daily basis. Your relationship with Douglas Eaton does not end when you become a client, it is only beginning.

We want to hear your story.  Schedule a meeting with us.