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The “Family Love Letter” is a simple,
yet invaluable gift to those you leave behind.

Designed specifically for our clients and prospective clients, the “Love Letter” is of equal significance to anything else done in your financial plan. We highly recommend you completing one.

Many clients procrastinate, however, because it is upsetting to think about and quite simply, not as much fun as say, deciding which stock to buy, etc.

In reality this is a very simple  and intuitive document individuals give to their families. It contains vital information loved ones need to know in case of sudden incapacitation or death.

You will complete this with the assistance of your financial and other advisors (Estate planning attorney, CPA, etc). Essentially it is an “inventory” of not only of assets and insurances, but your wishes as well. 

Examples of what the letter may include:

  • Wills (locations and attorney contact information)
  • Family contact information
  • Computer Passwords
  • Key contact information for lawyers and accountants
  • Employers and benefits
  • Banks/brokerage statements/financial advisors
  • Insurance policies
  • Statements of ethics
  • Funeral requests

Even the most thorough financial and estate plans often fail to leave behind correct and complete information for their families. Without clarity of desire and specificity of information, families may experience unnecessary difficulty in the disposition of the estate, create family conflict, overlook assets or make costly, and often, irrevocable mistakes.

If you love someone, you want to make sure they know how to find your professional advisors; where your investments, insurance, and other assets are held; what employee or retiree benefits you’re entitled to; where to find information on trusts, citizenship, military records, or business ownership; your plans for a special-needs family member; and which philanthropic organizations hold a place in your heart. Most importantly, you want them to know you love them enough to assure they know what is important – about you and to you.

If you love someone, give them the gift of a Family Love Letter. 

Please let us assist you. We will be happy to do it.


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