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  • Written strategic financial plans
  • Retirement cash-flow planning
  • Insurance consultation
  • Educating, advocating for and assisting women who may be the household financial planner, new t0 financial planning  - due to change of job, loss of spouse due to death/divorce  - or the victim of abuse



  • We coordinate multiple financial concerns into an overall Financial Roadmap also known as a "FINANCIAL PLAN." This includes cash flow strategies for planned needs and  construct an informative estimate of what it will take to accomplish your goals.
  • We provide education and empowerment to women and  our goal is assist them to be financially independent. We focus  on those who manage the household finances and/or whom are widowed, divorced or married.

  • We coordinate other Advisers (Consultation regarding insurance, investment, estate, and retirement planning strategies with other professionals that serve our clients)

  • Fees: We will work on either a flat fee or Fee-based (on assets under our management). This approach discussed at time of engagement.

  • We may utilize annuities*.

  • We provide assistance in using our proprietary "Family Love Letter." 
  • We may utilize insurance planning as part of overall Financial Plan (Health, Life, Disability and Long-Term Care planning, Recommendations on types of policies, and appropriate coverage)

  • Save and plan for college education or retirement (especially if on limited budget)

  • Recommendations, as requested, regarding investment options available in the client's company sponsored retirement plan (e.g. 403(b), 401(k) plan)

  • Consultation regarding estate planning issues

  • Year-end counseling on tax harvesting of losses/gains in non-retirement accounts

  • Ongoing review of Financial Wellness (generally 2-4 times per year)

Eaton Financial Group is proudly committed to performing Pro bono work to those women who are in distress (such as in the event of a death of a spouse/other family member, abuse, divorce, etc).


*The guarantees of an annuity contract are contingent on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.