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Our Planning Process: We Put First Things First.

Why is this important to you?” This the single most important financial planning question we can ask.

We help you plan ahead. We encourage you to think about not only your immediate and longer term financial needs, but most importantly, what is actually important to you about your money, and why?

The Fact Finding Mission.

Eaton Financial Group’s exceptional communication with our clients begins here. This meeting is about completing our unique “Fact-Finding” booklet to identify your financial needs, current lifestyle needs, future goals and current financial position. Sound intimidating? No worries. Most clients feel that way at the beginning. That’s why we walk you through this every step of the way. Simply do the best with the information you have on hand; we understand there will be omissions. We use your information to identify strategies designed to achieve your future goals ensuring there is a balance between maintaining your current lifestyle needs and building wealth for a financially independent retirement.

Data Synopsis and Strategy Meeting.

Through coaching and open dialogue, we will discuss this with you and agree on the current and future data points and certainly fill in the blanks. Using Financial Planning software, we develop a “cash-flow” plan that is based on your personal values and financial needs. Remember, at Eaton Financial Group, your portfolio serves your plan. Not the other way around.  

In addition, we take one important step further and model a number of alternative cash flow scenarios. Through experience, conversation and professional coaching, we solidify all accurate and current data points to ensure that moving forward, our plan outputs will be sound.

The Drawing Board ~ What We Do Best.

The planning process allows us to build a shared vision. Using a team approach, we will methodically assess your comprehensive personal and financial information and determine strategies designed to begin achieving your objectives. Using an array of professional experience and knowledge, we explore the spectrum of financial planning options to best enable you to achieve your objectives. Once we have finalized our analysis we will prepare your Investment Policy Statement.

The Presentation Meeting.

All products recommended are detailed in the Investment Policy Statement. This is an extensive written document specifying how your money will be invested outlining what we know about you and what you are trying to achieve. It also includes Eaton Financial Group’s recommendations on how to achieve your objectives and the advantages/disadvantages of our suggestions giving you a complete snapshot of information. This meeting is not about providing specific product/investment recommendations. It is about presenting options which you need to consider carefully, and through further discussions with us, come to a decision on the option which is most appropriate to pursuing your objectives. This is an interactive process where you are encouraged to ask questions to ensure you clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies being recommended. We will schedule time to discuss the results and action items. Any other planning issues or concerns will be dealt with by priority on a quarterly basis, based on services agreed to and outlined in our wealth management agreement.

The Implementation.

Once we decide the best time to begin, we then choose the appropriate products and open the accounts. We are keenly aware that all clients are unique in their planning needs and priorities. However, we attempt to complete a thorough implementation of all of the basic financial planning issues over a 9-12 month period. We understand that “life happens” and we will do our best to assist you in coordinating the urgencies of any financial needs we have identified with your day-to-day life. Since our planning places a great deal of focus on risk management, the only time one issue may take priority over another is where we see either an uninsured risk (such as the sole breadwinner in a family without life insurance) and/or an investment allocation risk (such as a great majority of investment assets in one stock).

In addition to periodic review meetings (typically 2-4 times per year), we believe our clients will agree that we stand ready to be of assistance as special questions arise.

Finally, we will provide e-mails or phone calls when special circumstances arise (market upheaval, significant global events, legislative changes, etc) to ensure the financial planning strategy remains flexible to allow for any life changes which may impede your ability to achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives.

We are prepared to stand with you every step of the way and hope you will take us up on that with any question, comment or concern!