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Our Clients

At Eaton Financial Group, we understand that sometimes the very people who would benefit the most from financial planning do not always receive it.

We are working to change that by striving to empower our clients with the knowledge and resources to make the most appropriate financial decisions for their individual situation.

Our services are primarily designed for women who handle the financial planning in the family, as well as college faculty (as well as administrators and staff) and certain families also interested in comprehensive financial planning.


Women are taking control of their financial futures more than ever before. As independent earners and decision makers, they require and deserve a superior level of respect and attention. Every woman, whether she is single or married, divorced or widowed, homemaker or high-powered professional - should create a financial plan for a life.

That is why the priorities of our female clients, what is important to them - and most of all, WHY they feel this way - is of the highest significance in our firm.

Historically, money management has traditionally been a man’s world. In some cases, until a divorce or death happens, some women play a limited role in their own financial planning and decision making. Then, at a time of transition, they are thrust into the role of managing not only lives and careers… but suddenly their finances as well.

A large number of our female clients experience tremendous career as well as personal success. In many cases, they have taken on the primary role in protecting and managing the family's assets. Through our team approach, we assist and coach them through the management their financial affairs (Often, this collaborative process is quite different from they way they have approached their finances in the past.).

We develop an overall road map with our clients, just for them, based on their personal needs, priorities and goals. Each plan allows results to be tracked over time and adjusted as circumstances change. It’s not just about money, its about working towards the future you want for you and your family.

Our Family Financial Planning May Focus on Issues Such As:

  • Managing household finances and investments
  • Overall financial planning (for those with or without significant assets)
  • Funding children’s’ educational expenses
  • Caring for children and/or aging parent
  • Getting married (re-married) or divorced
  • Updating will/living will and other estate planning
  • Managing Life Events: such as death/divorce of partner/spouse/family member, managing inheritances/other windfalls
  • Identifying Identity Theft and Preventing Investment Fraud Job or career changes (and related income changes)
  • Avoiding poverty in old age
  • Identifying cost effective health care options

Pro-Bono Planning:

Eaton Financial Group is proudly committed to performing Pro bono work to those women who are in distress (such as in the event of a death of a spouse/other family member, abuse, divorce, etc).

Typical Financial Planning Challenges of College Administrators and Professors

  • Asset allocation within their University sponsored retirement plans (generally, 403b plans). Very often, there is little to no quality assistance available as it relates to choosing suitable investments within their plans.
  • Cash flow during their retirement (of defined benefit pensions, accumulated assets in their University sponsored retirement plans as well as their other assets
  • Choosing the most suitable retirement beneficiary designations for their retirement assets and retiree benefits
  • Reacting to external media which often contains misleading or inappropriate financial advice.
  • They do no seek out professional advice and therefore make frequent mistakes in allocations, diversification and in cash flow planning.