Expertise Matters:

Any strategy works some of the time, but no strategy works all of the time. We help our clients address their  financial lives' ever-changing landscape.



What Makes Us Unique?



The goal  of the plan is to insure for what may go wrong so that you may invest for what goes right.

Eaton Financial Group first creates a step-by-step plan for your financial security so that when life happens, you are financially prepared. Then, we consistently monitor your portfolio to help ensure it successfully serves your plan, not the other way around. In other words, a solid plan will help keep matters in perspective when the world around us changes.


2. Our clients will say that they consider us as part of their families and feel comfortable sharing both their successes as well as hardships.


3. Eaton Financial Group is committed to providing our clients unparalleled communications through ongoing reviews, comprehensive written financial assessments and most of all, the personal relationship. In many cases, we communicate with clients over 25-30 times per year (via personal meetings, phone, mail and email).


4.  Our ultimate vision for clients: to develop and maintain an intergenerational plan which puts  them into a position to:

  • Not run out of money during lifetime
  • Have proper long term care planning
  • Ensure heirs should not have to sell assets to pay estate tax
  • Fund Children and grandchildren’s education


5.  With our client as our partner, Eaton Financial Group helps make decisions using an established conservative investment approach. We strategically plan your comprehensive financial road map so that it integrates your values, your priorities, your financial needs and your evolving lives. We are available to answer your questions and concerns whenever they may arise.


6. We offer clients the breadth of services that they may receive at a large brokerage house and still provide them the high level of attentive service and responsiveness they expect from a smaller firm.

Larger brokerage houses typically have their more experienced advisors meet with prospective clients to engage them. However, that is often not whom is managing the assets and servicing your needs on a daily basis.

Our firm is built to prevent you from becoming an account number simply assigned to a staffer. Your relationship with Douglas Eaton does not end when you become a client - it is only beginning.